Sony confirmed as Killzone fanboys, thinks game will fare better than MGS4

(Disclaimer: Article may or may not be an excuse to post more silly Killzone headers)

Sony is certainly hoping that orange-eyed FPS Killzone 2 will make them some bank this year, and the promotion wheels are starting to turn with ever-increasing speed. The publisher has recently made an optimistic claim, suggesting that its Space Nazi romp will do better than last year’s high profile exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 4. Those bastards.

“It would be a lie to say Sony has not invested heavily in Killzone 2 and each individual at Guerrilla games has worked even harder to satisfy any expectations kept by the company and their loyal community,” said a Sony rep, somehow thinking that we’re not used to a publisher lying. “I do see the game breaking a barrier with a huge variety of groups and expect it to see sales as good as Metal Gear Solid 4 if not beyond it.”

Naturally, Sony was wise not to bet against its most successful exclusive, Haze, which so far has sold over 780,000,000 copies in Paraguai alone, with a 110% Metacritic rating and a fresh scent of lemons in every box. Aaaah, citrus fresh!

Jim Sterling