Sony committed to employee retention in Bungie acquisition

sony bungie employee retention

Staaaay wiiiiiiith meeeeeeee

More news about men with money? More news about men with money. In its latest financial earnings report, Sony has announced that around a third of the hefty $3.6 billion USD spent to acquire Bungie is being set aside for employee retention efforts.

Often, when major mergers and acquisitions take place, employees can find themselves with itchy feet, considering their options elsewhere whether out of a lack of faith in new management or just simply feeling that it’s “time to move on.” Sony is hoping that it can use $1.2 billion of its acquisition fund to “incentivise the shareholders and other creative talent to continue working at Bungie.”

While the scheme was not intricately detailed, Sony states that it will roll out the incentive contributions over the coming years, whilst also making offers for employee-held shares. As a private company, the majority of the Destiny-maker’s shares are held by people within the studio itself. Given the pedigree of developers working at Bungie, it makes sense for Sony to attempt to preserve the studio’s dynamic.

In related news, Sony held an earnings call wherein executive Hiroki Totoki noted the publisher’s desire to facilitate multimedia opportunities within Bungie. Examples given include using Sony’s music and movie arms to create new projects based on the studio’s franchises. So, if y’all hanging on for that Destiny movie/TV show, then one may be on the drawing board sooner than you think.

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