Sony boasts 60+ million PS4s sold after lacking E3 conference

What was that?

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Last night at E3 with their conference, Sony kind of did the same limping strategy that Bethesda did — make hundreds of people walk into a theater to watch a presentation on stage that didn’t actually take advantage of the stage in any form.

I get the “it’s just games” angle, but when so many of them were already known, shown before the conference, or just drizzled in with no explanation (wouldn’t it have been cool if the folks from Supermassive went on stage and explained that Inpatient was in the same universe as the “critically acclaimed” Until Dawn?), it ended up feeling flat.

Well, this morning Sony broke the ice by saying that they’ve sold through “more than 60.4 million units worldwide as of June 11, a number I assumed they would share during E3 as they approached 60 million shipped late last month. They’re also stating that the PlayStation ecosystem has 70 million monthly active users, and that their PlayStation Plus conversion rate is 24.6 million paid subscribers.

That’s all good news, and Sony has rocked it this year with tons of great exclusives, but I really expected more at E3. Maybe next year?

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