Sony believes PS3 could top PS2’s 10 year sales

We all know how well the PS2 did, mostly because we all probably still have one. Sony managed to push 146 million of these ugly game systems out the door in ten years. CEO Kaz Hirai thinks they can top that with the PS3 now.

“The high point, looking back at our console business, has been PS2,” he claims. “For PS3, that is one level of success we’d like to emulate and hopefully surpass at the end of the ten-year life cycle.”

How is he going to hit this 150 million mark with the PS3? By switching things up at Sony headquarters. The HQ has been restructured into three units: console, handheld, and accessories. Hirai also says that their Japanese HQ will be sending out the directives on business decisions from now on, with each unit making decisions for the world.

“If it’s right for Japan it’s probably not right for the rest of the world,” he told MCV. Tokyo’s taking back the power.

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