Sony apologizes for PS5 pre-order snafu, promises more pre-orders opening up in a few days

At least that wasn’t your last chance

That went about as poorly as it possibly could’ve. PlayStation 5 pre-orders went live late Wednesday in the least coordinated effort imaginable. Every retailer opened their pre-orders up at a random and weird time, and then sold through their inventory in mere minutes.

Even people who ended up securing a PS5 pre-order can’t sleep comfortably in the knowledge that they’ll have Sony’s newest on November 12. Yesterday, Amazon sent out emails warning that any PS5 pre-orders were subject to being canceled due to accidental overselling. If Amazon screwed this up, everyone’s left assuming that Walmart, Target, and Best Buy very possibly screwed this up too. 

So, what happened? Well, it seems as though Walmart went rogue and fucked it up for everybody. Walmart sent out this tweet and then set its PS5 pre-orders live ahead of the agreed-upon time. It left everyone else scrambling to put theirs up for sale as quickly as possible.

It left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Sony finally addressed the situation today, apologizing for the chaotic way everything went down:

The silver lining is that it wasn’t the last opportunity to nab a PlayStation 5 pre-order. Sony is opening up more stock over the next few days. Sony also says “more PS5s will be available through the end of the year,” which makes it seems as though the launch shipment won’t be only chance to get one during the holiday season.

How, exactly, do you get a PS5 then? That is something that Sony hopefully outlines very specifically before the next wave of pre-orders goes live. Microsoft already did this with the upcoming Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X pre-orders. It has everyone feeling confident about their plan of attack for getting a next-gen Xbox. Sony needs to follow suit and nail some uniform messaging about when all pre-orders go up. It can’t leave everything in the hands of each individual retailer. That already happened once and it’s why we’re in the position we’re in.

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