Sony announces ‘Xi,’ an alternate reality game for Home

Today, Sony announced the arrival of Xi in Home. Xi — a gloriously vague name — is an alternate reality game based inside the social service. To join in on the cryptic shenanigans, all you have to do is step through the looking glass the silly little “Xi” insignia in front of the apartments in Home’s Central Plaza. Once entered, you’ll be transported to a new space called The Hub.

If you’re at work, or just like clicking on things, I’ve included some pictures of the space in the gallery below. As you observe, it’s a fairly sterile area. But don’t let that fool you — there’s actually something to do in the space.

The first objective of Xi is to figure out what fuels it. Picking up the three scraps of paper scattered around The Hub sheds some light on the odd new addition to Home. (You can get a sneak peek here if you’re really interested.)

I won’t spoil the rest of the adventure, but I wanted to comment on how nice it is to actually do something other than dance. This ARG stuff actually gives you initiative to talk to people and check out all the areas in Home. It’s, if you’re into riddles and are tired of dancing to the new 50 Cent songs blasting through the jukebox.

According to Home’s community manager, CydoniaX, Xi will be “changing day by day, week by week, in real time.” So look forward to plenty of cryptic stuff moving in the weeks to come. And, hey, be careful: you might have a good time.

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