Sony announces downloadable PS1 games for the PS3 online network and pricing!

We already knew that the PlayStation 3 network would allow users to download games and media, but what we didn’t know was that it will offer original PlayStation games for download as well.

At this very moment, ten PS1 games are ready to be downloaded and they each cost JPY2000 in Japan, which is roughly $17 USD. But, because pricing in the U.S is generally different from the pricing in Japan, don’t expect these games to cost $17 if they make it to the states.

This is the first batch of PS1 games available on the PS3 network in Japan:

Arc the Lad
-Biohazard: Director’s Cut Edition
-Bishi Bashi Special
-Jumping Flash!
-Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol. 1
-Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol. 2
-Hot Shots Golf 2
-Mr. Driller

-Silent Bomber
-Tekken 2
When asked whether or not the games would be the same for the U.S. launch, our reliable source replied that, “Most are with a few add-ins that we can’t release yet”.
And when we asked if games such as Parrappa, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Armored Core would make it to the online network, we were told, “You know I can’t say, but you’re definitely on the same train.”
This whole concept leaves me with two questions. First off, why would you buy a PlayStation game for that much when you could easily buy it for a cheaper price anywhere else? Secondly, if you own a hard copy of the game, why wouldn’t you just use that instead of paying more money for the exact same game? The PS3 is backwards compatible after all.

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