Sony and Toshiba teaming up to make smaller processors for the PS3

Sony and Toshiba will begin mass-producing 45 nm Cell processors in 2009. According to Engadget’s report, the smaller chips will cost less to manufacture than the current 65 nm builds and will consume 40 percent less power.

Of course, this news opens the possibility of yet another PS3 SKU, which is sure to tick off anyone who recently upgraded to the standard 80GB unit. The speculation is that these chips could be a precursor to a smaller, less warm PS3. Fortunately, I got over the whole “my console is too big” thing after lugging around an Xbox for a few years.

The one thing that has really disturbed me about this generation of consoles is the saturation of different models. It’s annoying to have to watch out for a new version every quarter. What do you guys think? Would you go after a slim PS3 if it came to fruition in 2009?

Brad BradNicholson