Sony admits the PSPgo price may have been a bit high

Sony has been visited by Captain Obvious this morning, with Rob Dyer admitting that the price of the PSPgo may have been too high and it turned off consumers. In an odd turn of events, the platform holder has determined that maybe it was silly to charge more for a product that does less. Who could have imagined?

“We wanted to find a way to give the consumers what they want, so if they didn’t want to go to a retailer they could stay at home and download [games and content],” says the publisher relations VP. “And we were hoping really to eliminate the piracy issue. Did the PSPgo confuse [consumers]? Yeah, I think the higher price point didn’t help matters any either.

“So we’re going back and re-communicating, and I’m sitting here looking at multiple decks on what we’re going to do this year. You’ll see a lot of things coming out from us to better educate and inform the consumer. All I can say is watch this space, because we’ll have answers to those questions.”

Somehow I don’t think Sony will answer my question: What the f*ck is the point of the PSPgo?

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Jim Sterling