Sony adds ‘Quests’ to PlayStation Rewards program

[Update: Sony has clarified that “Quests” will be available tomorrow for all PlayStation Rewards beta participants. Sorry for the confusion!]

Sony has added an all new feature to its somewhat nebulous “PlayStation Rewards” program — “quests.”

Starting today tomorrow, nine “quests” were added to the PlayStation Rewards program, which his now in beta testing. Quests currently include things like playing certain PlayStation Move games, or visiting locations in PlayStation Home. Quests are even given cute games — the aforementioned quests are called “Move It” and “No Place Like Home” respectively.

Completing quests will add to a progress meter, and players can earn… well, I don’t know exactly. Rewards of some sort. Sony says that players currently in the beta have received exclusive PSN avatars and other goodies.

As a participant in the rewards beta program, I straight up couldn’t figure out what on Earth I was supposed to be doing. It shows I’m a member, but offers no clear idea of what I’m expect to do or what it offers. Anyone else having better luck with this beta program?

Quests Added to PlayStation Rewards Program [PlayStation Blog]

Nick Chester