Sony: Adding 3D to games costs as low as half a percent

I wouldn’t suspect that adding a 3D mode to console games would cost much, but I didn’t realize it could be this low. SCEE’s senior development manager Simon Benson makes it sound like adding 3D is the cheapest, easiest thing ever. Here’s what he gold

“In some cases we’ve had titles where 3D has been half a per cent of overhead,” he said in an interview.

“It can literally be the render programmer spending a couple of weeks manipulating it. Particularly if a game already has split screen in it, just take that mode of the game and reauthor it to deliver really high quality 3D. So often it’s the case of it doesn’t even hit the radar of whether we should or shouldn’t, it can just be done.”

Benson goes on to say that it really comes down to deciding wether the particular title will benefit from a 3D mode. The rest is easy.

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