Sony: 3D could make you a little bit better at games

I have come to the conclusion that those publishers attempting to peddle 3D gaming to the masses are no starting to come across as snake oil salesmen. So it is that Sony has added another miracle cure to 3D’s list of extraordinary powers — it could make you slightly better at videogames!

“If you’re playing a racing game and you’re getting some additional [3D] information you can actually measure distances with your eyes, making it easier to judge breaking,” claims Sony’s Simon Benson. “Many of our hardcore gamers are already pretty good at that anyway, so how much of an edge is it going to give them compared to someone who’s only just tried a game for the first time?

“We often see that if you give the controller to someone for the first time they might crash a lot until they get used to the fact that they’ve got to use other cues to perceive distances and breaking and stuff like that, but suddenly you can give a controller to someone to play a stereoscopic driving game and even if they’ve not played it before the cues are more relevant to them because they’re used to measuring things with their eyes and they really do feel like it’s more familiar to them.”

Benson did admit that hardcore gamers might experience a smaller increase in gaming power than total newcomers, but that he believes that a slight edge over HDTV users could still be there. Of course, this is mostly hypothetical, and depends on whether a gamer can perform while vomiting, dealing with headaches, and keeping the glasses on his face.

Sony: 3D Can Make Games More Accessible [Edge]

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