Sony: 15 first party exclusives are coming

Microsoft may believe it’s leveled the playing field as far as exclusives go, but Sony is not yet out for the count. Sony boss (and erotic fiend) Jack Tretton has revealed that fifteen first party titles are heading to the PS3, which doesn’t include the work of second party studios like Sucker Punch or Insomniac.

As is customary with Sony, Tretton never actually listed the titles, he merely said they existed. Still, fifteen is a lot of games and there are sure to be some gems buried within the pile. We know at least one of them will be God of War III, and with a game that hot, Sony is definitely off to a good start. 

I’ve said in the past that the PS3’s exclusive lineup is looking more interesting than anything else to me right now, and I really hope that some high profile games are yet to be announced. I’m sure of the fifteen titles, a number of them will be PSN games, which is great as well, but I really want to see more retail dominance from Sony. Fingers crossed, eh?

Jim Sterling