Sonic’s daddy and company tease new Sega game

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Former head of Sonic Team Yuji Naka and his new studio, Prope, have opened up a teaser Web site for an untitled upcoming game. 

The site doesn’t offer much information on the title, but does promise a “World first, a game that even penguins can play.” While we have no idea what in the hell that means, it may not be long until we find out. The Web site promises that the game will be revealed in 17 days, which just happens to be the first day of Tokyo Game Show. 

It looks like until then, we’ll have to speculate. A game that could be played by penguins, eh? Well, a penguin might have trouble using its flippers to operate a traditional controller, but wouldn’t have much of a problem with the Wii Balance Board. Also, the “17 days” was changed from “ten days,” which would have coincided nicely with Nintendo’s October 3 press conference. 

Hmmm …

[Via IGN

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