Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing demo out now

If you’re needing a new kart racer and love some cheap nostalgia whoring, then you might want fire up your Xbox 360 and download the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing demo. It’s up on Xbox Live right now, so go and make that happen if you are so inclined. 

As somebody who genuinely enjoyed Sega All-Stars Tennis, I’m expecting a pretty decent racer. Not a spectacular one, but a fun one nonetheless. Sega is pretty clever with these All-Stars games, in that it picks genres that are pretty hard to screw up. A kart racer shouldn’t be too difficult to make, so I’ll be surprised if it’s not at least a passable experience. 

We shall see, however. A review of this shall be forthcoming, as soon as we get our copy. I doubt we’ll ever find out why Sonic the Hedgehog needs a car, though. 

Jim Sterling