New season of Sonic Prime comes speeding onto Netflix in July

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Return to the Shatterverse

Some good news for fans of the fun and suitably silly animated series, Sonic Prime — Netflix has confirmed that a new season of episodes will be premiering on the streaming service this July.

Premiering back in December of last year, Sonic Prime sees Sonic the Hedgehog thrust into a multiverse known as the “Shatterverse” whereupon he embarks on a series of adventures with various alt-reality versions of his dopey friends, including Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Rogue.

The first season of dimension-hopping escapades saw The Blue Blur visiting a futureworld, the prehistoric era, a pirate world, and more. Also featured in the series was an entire cavalcade of Dr. Robotnik variants, which had all formed a council with to take over the entire Shatterverse.

Running for eight episodes, the show was considered a hit by the Sonic the Hedgehog community, with critics and fans praising the style, animation, scripting. and voice acting on offer, even if the writing was criticized for being a little trite and repetitive. A co-production of Netflix Animation, WildBrain Studios, and Man of Action Entertainment, a total of 24 episodes were commissioned in all, which suggests the new season will feature a further eight adventures, with the remain eight to be screened later this year.

Sonic Prime Season 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix on July 13. Season One is available to watch now.

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