Sonic Mania gets an amazing collector’s edition

No chili dogs, though

Sonic Mania is shaping up to be quite a treat, but Sega isn’t done riding the hype train. After polling Twitter users about the possibility of a collector’s edition for the upcoming revival, Sega went ahead and fully revealed the thing today.

I’m typically not one for collector’s editions (as they mainly exist to bloat the price of games), but that Sonic statue looks incredible. That it has Sega startup sounds is even better. I’m also very attracted to that Genesis cartridge mock-up, so I may have to bite on this for nostalgia purposes.

The tweet links to a site where you can pre-order the game, but the link appears to be dead. I’m sure in the next few hours it should open up. Amazon has a listing for each platform that prices the game at $69.99, but there still isn’t a firm release date.

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Sonic the Hedgehog [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
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