Sonic Team head knows exactly what’s coming after Sonic Frontiers

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Gotta Interview Fast

Sonic Frontiers might not even be out and in the players’ hands yet, but it appears that the development squad at Sonic Team already knows exactly what is in store for The Blue Blur and his friends in the wake of the open-world adventure’s release — that’s according to the studio’s own head Takashi Iizuka.

Iizuka made the comments in a highly entertaining, rapid-fire video interview with Game Informer reporter and Sonic the Hedgehog megafan Brian Shea. Over the course of eight minutes, Shea hits Iizuka with over 120 questions pertaining to Sonic Frontiers, as well as various elements of the Sonic universe including Chaotix, Amy Rose, Sonic R music, chili dogs, and the notorious Princess Elise.

It’s a very fun, lighthearted interview, but among the silliness are some particularly interesting tidbits. For example, we learn that Iizuka’s favorite title is the 2001 Dreamcast release Sonic Adventure 2, (which was, incidentally, the title he enjoyed working on the most). Iizuka also notes that he thinks we will see more Sonic Adventure games at some point in the future, and reveals that the team had no idea “Ugly Sonic” would appear in the Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers movie.

Regarding Sonic Frontiers, Iizuka does a pretty good job at ducking most of Shea’s more probing questions, though he does reveal, unfortunately, that Big the Cat will not be making an appearance in the upcoming release. Damn. Perhaps my favorite answer of the interview, however, is Iizuka’s response to the question “What do you think about the Sonic Boom character designs?”

“To be honest,” politely responds the producer, “I’m not super-fan about that.”

If you are a Sonic the Hedgehog super-fan then you should definitely check the interview out over at Game Informer. It’s short, snappy, and fun, with a lot of neat little insights and teases. As for Sonic Frontiers, we can expect the epic adventure to arrive later this year, when it finally launches on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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