Sonic Frontiers: Spring is in the Air puzzle solution guide

Sonic Frontiers Spring is in the Air solution guide

Don’t overthink it

I said this already, but there are a few Sonic Frontiers puzzles that are worth sharing the solution to. This one is actually really easy, but I was mashing through the explanation and missed it the first time around.

So midway through the first island (so a few hours into the game), you’ll come across the quest/mission Spring is in the Air, alongside of Amy. You’ll know it when you see it, because it looks like a Mario Party minigame.

Sonic Frontiers: Spring is in the Air puzzle solution guide

Your job is to weed the area with the Cyloop ability (Triangle/Y), by creating energy loops that cut the grass. Basically, just create modest-size Cyloops (you’ll learn the max length rather quickly if you try it here) over and over until you have enough clear percentage. Smaller loops are enough to get the job done, and they help minimize your ability to run into bee enemies (you have three lives to finish Spring is in the Air until you have to restart).

As for the bees: one trick I’ve always used throughout the NES era (especially against bosses that have bouncing ball attacks you need to dodge during the fight) is to focus one eye on any threats: while making headway with your other eye. Keeping that focus on the bees will ensure that you won’t run out of lives, but you do eventually need to clear enough weeds out.

The game tells you that you can Cyloop the flowers, but don’t really bother. It’s faster if you just focus on getting as many weeds as possible, moving north in sequence; but if you can hit any flowers in the meantime, you may as well.

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