Sonic Frontiers: M-047 Puzzle Solution Guide

Sonic Frontiers: M-047 Puzzle Solution Guide 0

The desert is full of puzzles in those tucked away ravines

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The Sonic Frontiers M-047 puzzle is located on Ares Island, and although you may have encountered puzzles of its ilk so far, this guide is here to help.

After all, most of you are probably here because you skipped a bunch of puzzles!

Sonic Frontiers: M-047 Puzzle Solution Guide 11

Locating the Sonic Frontiers M-047 puzzle

So this is another centrally located puzzle: though you’ll need to be on the other side of the mountain, beyond the starting zone. Race across using any number of shortcuts you’ve unlocked, or the southern ruin gate.

You’ll find M-047 inside the ravine. It’s a bit annoying how hidden some of these puzzles can be (whether they’re on top of the mountain, off to the side on a raised platform, or below), but this one is easy to spot because it’s on the ground floor.

Solving the Sonic Frontiers M-047 puzzle

M-047 is a tried and true “ball in the hoop” puzzle, which is one of the easiest Sonic Frontiers activities in the game. To kick it off, use the Cyloop ability and the balls and hoops will materialize.

You have 30 seconds (and repeat tries) to get a respawning ball into two hoops, which are located directly in front of the puzzle. One hoop is high, and one is low. To bump the ball in, all you need to do is jump at it. Hitting the ball at a higher angle or a lower angle will change the spin and trajectory, which is the exact combo you need to nail to get both balls in.

While the physics can be finnicky at times, this one should take you no more than two tries.

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