Sonic Frontiers: M-046 Puzzle Solution Guide

Sonic Frontiers: M-046 Puzzle Solution Guide 2

Return to the desert

Once you make your way to Ares Island (the second major location in Sonic Frontiers), the tempo is turned up a bit in terms of puzzle complexity.

For the most part it’s nothing too tough: but a lot of the existing puzzles from Kronos will be a little trickier, and you’ll get some new ones. Here’s how to solve puzzle M-046.

Sonic Frontiers: M-046 Puzzle Solution Guide 11

Locating theĀ Sonic Frontiers M-046 puzzle

You’ll actually find this one in the central area of Ares, which is blocked off from the starting zone in the south. Head through the ravine in the center of the map to get to the other side, or go through the always convenient ruin entrance in the south of the desert.

Make your way toward the ridge, and you’ll find M-046 on a raised platform.

Sonic Frontiers: M-046 Puzzle Solution Guide 3

Solving theĀ Sonic Frontiers M-046 puzzle

Like other floor-based “lights off” logic puzzles, there are several solutions for M-046. Here’s one of them above.

Remember, all you need to do is stand on each lit tile once to “turn it off,” without stepping on a tile you’ve already stepped on, or a blank “off” tile. If you’re going to try and solve it on your own, take your time and plan out a way that prevents you from getting trapped at the end.

If you fail, worst case you can just try again: you get unlimited retries.

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