Sonic Frontiers: M-015 Puzzle Solution Guide

Sonic Frontiers: M-015 Puzzle Solution Guide 0

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The Sonic Frontiers M-015 puzzle might be one of the oddest things you’ll encounter thus far in the game, for several reasons. Not only does it require a night setting to complete, but it’s also a little strange in how it works. Here’s a quick guide on how to solve the light ray puzzles in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers: M-015 Puzzle Solution Guide 2

Locating the Sonic Frontiers M-015 puzzle

You’ll find puzzle M-015 in the northern part of Kronos Island, right near Eggman’s ship. You’ll know the spot when you see it, as it’s also by an Asura miniboss.

Remember, you need to finish this puzzle at night, so make sure you come back when the time of day changes: and do anything else until then. You can even mark the spot on your minimap so you don’t forget that it needs to be completed eventually, then head back when it gets dark.

Solving the Sonic Frontiers M-015 puzzle

Here’s a quick summation of where to find each light ray that needs to be Cylooped (while running, hold triangle on PlayStation/Y on Xbox to create a loop around something), in sequential order. Each light ray won’t appear until the previous one is claimed, and there’s a few second delay, so just wait up until it shows up.

  • You’ll find the first one right at the puzzle start location
  • The next one is directly next to it
  • The next place you’ll need to visit is the little metal ridge directly east (when facing a map), or directly left, when facing toward Eggman’s ship
  • The second to last light ray will appear right next to that one on the same ridge
  • The final light ray is on the top of Eggman’s ship: you can use a few objects to bounce there

After all that, the puzzle will be complete!

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