Sonic Frontiers: M-008 Puzzle Solution Guide

Sonic Frontiers M-008 Puzzle Solution Guide 00

Weeding is a common practice in Sonic Frontiers

As the Sonic Frontiers development team does some technical weeding of their own, in terms of quality of life improvements: you too will embrace the reality of weeding things in-game.

Here’s how the simple M-008 puzzle works.

Sonic Frontiers M-008 Puzzle Solution Guide 4

Locating the Sonic Frontiers M-008 puzzle

The M-008 puzzle can be found on Kronos Island, in the southern part of the map.

You can find the exact coordinates above on our map, and it’s one of the first puzzles you’ll encounter in the game (though you may skip it at first, especially as you start to acclimate to the Cyloop).

Solving the Sonic Frontiers M-008 puzzle

To “solve” this one, all you need to do is Cyloop (triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox) around the weeds, which litter the immediate area in a circle around the actual puzzle marker. They look like little flowers popping up out of the ground: so just run around them while using Cyloop, and chop them down.

Once you complete the loop and hit all of the flowers therein, the puzzle will pop, you’ll get a reward, and more of the map will open. Keep the Cyloop’s power in mind: many of the first zone’s puzzles can be solved with a simple Cyloop around a key object.

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