Sonic Frontiers has free shoe DLC for newsletter subscribers

Sonic Frontiers DLC

How to Get the SA2 Shoes DLC

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Sonic Frontiers DLC is already available in some form before its November 8 release date: by way of a Soap shoes-esque cosmetic add-on through the game’s official site. You might recognize them from Sonic Adventures 2!

Here’s the full details from Sega:

“Sign up by January 31, 2023 and get in-game content exclusively available to our newsletter subscribers*! Simply enter your details and we’ll email a code straight to your inbox after Sonic Frontiers has been released on November 8, 2022. We’ll send more details about the in-game content and how to redeem your code to download the in-game content at a later date.* Available in selected regions for a limited time only. Sonic Frontiers game (sold separately) necessary to access in-game content. Gaming device must be connected to the internet to download in-game content.”

If you want the SA2 shoes, you can go to the bottom of the official site here, and click “subscribe to the newsletter.” From there it’ll ask you to enter your email, date of birth, country, and what platform you’d like to get the in-game DLC on (which includes Switch, PC [Epic/Steam], PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S).

While we still don’t have any major details on how equipment will work (or the “Blue Seeds of Defense/Red Seeds of Power” bonuses from the pre-order incentive), it seems like it’ll be a self-explanatory transmog system. The same goes for the Blue Seeds of Defense and Red Seeds of Power, which will likely boost Sonic’s resilience and attack damage respectively.

[Update: With the game launching this week, we figured it was good to get a reminder up! You can still sign up for the shoe DLC, it’ll just roll out “24-48 hours” after signing up, according to the site.]

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