Sonic fan overthrows city’s real-life hedgehog ban

In a story of triumph and retribution too uplifting not to post, it is being reported that a young Kansas boy’s love of Sonic the Hedgehog was so great, he yearned for a real-life spiny mammal that he could call his own. In order to do so, however, he needed to overturn a city ruling — and that’s just what he did.

11-year-old Judson King wanted a pet hedgehog for the past three years, but the City of Lawrence forbade such creatures within its limits. “I thought, that’s my out. Now I don’t have to get him one,” explains Judson’s mother. “Then he said, ‘How do we make them legal?'”

For three long years, the young man researched hedgehogs and built up a case, gathering some 5,000 pictures of the animals. After finally getting an audience with the Lawrence city commissioners in late 2008, they yielded. That’s right, this young Sonic fan made hedgehogs legal after the commissioners couldn’t even work out why they were banned in the first place. Judson is now the proud owner of his first ‘hog — Little Luke. 

And given the weird state of mind of some Sonic fans out there, it won’t be long before he tries to make them “legal” an entirely different way. Shudder.

Jim Sterling