Sonic Colors pre-order gift will be great at parties

Gamestop has announced their pre-order bonus for Sonic Colors. If you put $5 or more on either the Wii or DS versions of the game, you’ll get a authentic Sonic wig, complete with widow’s peak. Pre-order both versions of the game, and you’ll get two wigs. Then you can dye one of them black and have a “Sonic and Shadow House Party Pajama-Jammy-Jam”, with Sonic Colors running on the Wii and the DS all night. I guarantee you’ll get lucky. Chicks go bananas for that sort of thing.

As fun as that probably sounds, it’s still not as good as what I’m hoping for. Though it’s only a couple months away, it’s my dream to get my hands on one of these wigs before PAX Prime 2011. Then I can get one on Sterling and coerce him into doing our entire panel as Sonic. From there, we can ditch that loser Sagat, and Sundays with Sonic will be born.

After that’s run its course, it’s Jueves with Junpei time.

Sonic Colors pre-orders to come with blue spiky hat– [Segaaddicts, via Segabits]

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