Sonic 4’s Eggman theme is from Sonic 3D Blast?

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Another day, another Sonic 4 leak. This time, some cheeky bastard has uploaded Dr. Robotnik’s boss music for the enjoyment of anybody who doesn’t like to be surprised by their videogames and enjoy things in their correct context. As always, we’re not posting the track ourselves, but there is actually an interesting story attached to this tune — it’s an unused track from Sonic 3D Blast. 

That’s right — the 16-bit and ill-advised foray into a 3D Sonic game is somehow related to Sonic the Hedgehog 4. At the very least, angry fans now can’t claim that the music isn’t old school enough, but the connection to such a poor game is sure to just throw more fuel onto the big bitch fire that angry furries have started. 

Yet more madness surrounding this game … who would have thought that a long-awaited sidescrolling Sonic would bring such chaos?

[Via Sonic Retro]

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