Sonic 4 videos leaked, people ruin game for themselves

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So, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has been leaked all over the Internet. Earlier this week, the complete soundtrack was spilled, allowing “fans” to download and listen to all the music in the game, completely out of context. Later on, a bunch of videos popped up online showing full playthroughs of various Zones, including Splash Hill, Lost Labyrinth and Casino Street. Basically, two thirds of the game’s content.

You can find the videos online if you really want to look for them, but I would ask the question … why? Why are people listening to the entire soundtrack, and why are people watching whole Zones getting played? Especially for a community so obsessed with “omg spoilerz,” why would Sonic fans happily spoil the entire thing for themselves? 

Screenshots, trailers, and a tiny slice of leaked footage is one thing. An entire soundtrack and videos of entire levels? What kind of stupid mong actually enjoys that? This story is less about the fact that the content is available, and more about the fact that people are stupid enough to absorb said content. The more I am exposed to so-called Sonic fans, the more I am convinced that the vast majority of them are f*cking idiots. 

No wonder Sega never treats the IP with respect, if its fans are this stupid.

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