Sonic 4 at the J-Pop Summit Festival (Also: toilet)

This past weekend, Ben, Tara, and I took a little Destructoid field trip to the 2010 J-Pop Summit Festival in Japantown, San Francisco. We got a chance to check out SEGA’s latest offerings of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors, as well as a bunch of awesomely weird Japanese pop-culture related stuff.

We didn’t interview any celebrities this time around, but at least we remembered the microphone cable. We also got to play with one of those fancy, space-age Japanese toilets, and subsequently got things squirted at us. You should probably watch the video, so you don’t make the same toilet-related mistakes we did.

I actually have enough footage from this event to make another little video if you guys are interested. Would that be cool? Let me know in the comments. We’re trying to make more fun videos that everyone can laugh at, because let’s be honest: laughter is the only defense we have against Poltergeists. And Poltergeists are no laughing matter.

Max Scoville