Sometimes Always Monsters is the follow-up to Always Sometimes Monsters

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Vagabond Dog has announced a follow up to its 2014 drama game Always Sometimes Monsters.

Confusingly titled Sometimes Always Monsters, the game appears to be a second attempt at tackling real-life problems such as racism, police brutality, and mental health. As with the first game, Sometimes Always Monsters will be presented through a branching narrative with an emphasis on “consequence, circumstance, [and] choice.”

The first game went to some really dark places, exploring the likes of homophobia, child abuse, and drug addiction. While many praised the game, some people did have concerns about its handling of some topics involved.

We don’t know much other than this teaser trailer and the plot summary on the Vagabond Dog website, but here’s hoping they can pull off the topics they want to with care and nuance,

You play the author of a widely debated hit. Recently married, pressure to provide for your household mounts. As you seek inspiration to write a sequel, you join a cross country bus tour of like-minded authors.

As you explore the city stops with your new friends, there seems to be no limit to what life may bring you. Fans and strangers invite you into their lives and have their fates changed. Your words echo through the world as you shape the story.

Responsibility is what you make of it when we’re Sometimes Always Monsters.

At least we know the soundtrack will be good. That teaser’s music reminds me of Bojack Horseman, and that makes me happy.

Joe Parlock