Sci-fi thriller Somerville arrives in November

Somerville E3

This narrative adventure arrives before the year’s out

Somerville has locked in a launch date, and it’s surprisingly soon. The sci-fi adventure is set to hit on November 15, for Xbox consoles and PC.

Developer Jumpship dropped the release date in a new trailer today, confirming its November launch. Somerville is set to arrive on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and is also coming to Xbox Game Pass.

This narrative thriller follows a family caught up in the immediate repercussions of an extraterrestrial conflict. As explosions and mysterious visitors descend, it looks like the player will be trying to keep their family whole as they escape.

We’ve been seeing teasers for Somerville for quite a while now. The IP is created by Chris Olsen and built in collaboration with former Playdead CEO and co-founder Dino Patti.

So yes, it has some of that Inside energy. Both side-scrolling action and tense sequences look to be in store here.

Out of this world

It’s a bit of a surprise, to suddenly see a date on Somerville. But it’s a very welcome one. Somerville has looked pretty striking in its appearances over the years at various showcases.

This also bolsters out the Game Pass library, which is pretty nice. While I like being able to access just about every Halo and Fallout under the sun, the bonus of Game Pass has been seeing projects like these get a solid bump. Immortality and Signalis both hit the service at launch, and Obsidian’s upcoming historical RPG adventure Pentiment is also currently set for November.

November is looking like a good time to settle it for a weekend in Somerville.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter