Someone who really loves Destiny made a Destiny-themed gaming room

Impressive! Most impressive

I love discovering gaming setups. As an amateur collector witnessing how others curate their own collections is a rush, and “rush” definitely describes the feeling I got after looking at this Destiny setup from jagger393939

Noting that he and his wife play side-by-side, the setup involves two PS4 consoles and two wall-mounted TVs, as well as a custom Destiny-themed TV stand (with all three Guardian class types – Warlock, Hunter, and Titan). There’s even some ancillary decorations going on with a corner packed with toys and two iconic Destiny weapon replicas — veterans will instantly recognize the Gjallarhorn.

Low key there’s also an Alexa setup there (no doubt for Destiny 2‘s baked-in Alexa support) as well as two Nintendo Switch units! My wife and I occasionally bust out a second TV to game with each other (we just finished Bloodborne and Dark Souls III together), but nothing beats a permanent fixture like this.

Destiny Gaming Room [Imgur via Reddit]

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