Someone tweaked an ultimate guide-ready hi-res map of Azeroth for World of Warcraft Classic

‘One map to rule them all’

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From sea to maelstrom-swirling sea, Reddit user Rhianolord managed to tweak a near-perfect map for World of Warcraft Classic using Brady Games as a source.

Not only is the art incredible, but it’s also practical, as the map shows off useful information like flight paths, more detailed level requirement breakdowns, and other granular locations that the in-game map doesn’t display. Even if you aren’t playing Classic it’s worth taking a look at, as you’ll probably recognize a heap of names from the Warcraft RTS series, or something in passing after hearing about WoW (potentially) from other fans for the past few decades or so.

You might be saying to yourself: well this isn’t Classic, it’s just WoW! Well, kind of. Ever since Cataclysm the base game completely morphed the landscape of Azeroth, and to be complete for the prior Burning Crusade and Lich King expansions, it would need sections for Outlands and Northrend respectively.

We’ve attached a compressed version below, but make sure you check out the original post for the full resolution image.

One map to rule them all [Reddit]

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