Someone ripped off Mega Man’s arm and teased me with it

When I first started here at Dtoid, I’d flip out over every little Mega Man-related tease. I’d see a Mega Man-themed countdown clock or hear that there was going to be some big “Mega Man-nouncement”, and I’d throw together a post filled with theories as to what it could be. Then I’d wait with bated breath until the announcement went down, only to see that it was all build up for the release of some new Mega Man flavored cola or shoe shine polish.

I don’t want to go through all that again, but I’m not sure I can help it. JGonzo at Capcom Unity just posted this new Mega Man-related teaser image, and I’m sort of freaking out. What do you think it means? Is Bear McCreary involved? Does it have to do with the Servebot toys that will be at Comic Con this year? Also, we haven’t heard anything about a Western release of Mega Man Online, the new Mega Man X-themed 2D platformer/MMORPG, but that doesn’t look much like X’s Mega Buster, does it?

I consider myself to be something of a Mega Buster expert, from where I stand, that’s got to be the original Mega Man’s arm cannon. Does that mean we’re getting a NES-styled Mega Man 11? How about a full-on reboot of the original Mega Man series, or an all-new Mega Man series? The last new iteration of Mega Man came to us in the form of Mega Man Star Force back in 2006. Four years between new Mega Man(s) sounds about right to me.

Mega Man’s co-creator Keiji Inafune is planning some sort of announcement at Comic Con, so until then, let’s start guessing!


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