Someone recreated an actual Mario platformer experience in Animal Crossing


It really astounds me what Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have done with the limited tools Nintendo has provided for them.

The terraforming system can be incredibly finicky, as can the custom designs mechanic, but people have persevered nonetheless and forged forward with some incredibly creative works. That includes dLoveGuitarist from Reddit, who shared this mind-boggling re-creation of an actual Mario platformer level.

With music and sound effects added in for extra drama, the sequence plays out like a faux-Mario stage through the use of the vaulting pole, and a stove serving as a makeshift castle.

Do you wanna play Super Mario? from r/AnimalCrossing

Twitter user NintendoCade also shared a more low-fi version that you can watch below (read: it’s a series of non-interactive tiles):

These two projects are joined by recreations of Hyrule, an homage to EarthBound and Pokemon‘s Pallet town, among many others.

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