Someone recreated a classic Pokemon song with in-game Sinnoh gym badges

Music to my ears

Every Pokemon player has their favorite generation.

The one that really kicks that nostalgia into overdrive above all others. For some, it’s Red/Blue, because that’s the only set of games they played and they never moved on beyond that. For others, it’s Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, otherwise known as the “Sinnoh games.” I think that’s definitely the case for Twitter user Petoke_028.

Amazingly, that fan managed to re-create a classic theme of the Sinnoh games (Route 201) using nothing but two styluses. For those who aren’t aware, each badge in the game makes a “ding” noise when you tap it, and Petoke_028 cracked the code, managing to create a tune out of a feature a lot of folks don’t even use.

What a great way to start July 2020, which hopefully beats out our previous hellish June. You can check out the video below as well as a comparison to the original.

The original:

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