Someone made an incredible Japanese town inside of their Final Fantasy XIV house

Yes, in their giant mansion

I’ve shared a few Final Fantasy XIV housing miracles before. The aspect of player-creation within this massive MMO is something that endlessly fascinates me, to the point where I actually roam around housing blocks to seek out new projects. This one, from Nora Rappy on the Carbuncle server (on the Japan-centric Elemental datacenter), is one of the best I’ve seen to date. 

The entire thing is made to look like a giant town in Japan, including outdoor foliage, stools, servers, bars, and even food items. The creator walks through the micro-city in the video below; it’s worth the short watch just to take in all the details. I have to stress again although this looks like it’s a Square Enix in-game village, it’s actually all indoors and every item is placed by the player. Items that had to be purchased, on top of the highly coveted plot of land and the price of the mansion: all paid for with in-game currency (gil).

If you’re on Carbuncle you can get to this location pretty easily: just hop over to Plot 16, 3rd Ward, Shirogane. The owner has granted everyone permission to stop by and go inside!

[Thanks Jeff!]

Chris Carter
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