Someone made an easily digestible Stardew Valley guide

Just in time for the recent Switch multiplayer update

A lot of people are probably playing Stardew Valley for the first time after the recent Switch multiplayer update (which is still slated for other consoles), and man it can be intimidating.

Well, not on the surface, as the tutorials teach you how to harvest and sell crops well enough, but breaking down each individual item, festival reward and Community Center bundle can be daunting. That’s where this new reference guide comes in, which handles a lot of the major bullet points in an easily digestible format, thanks to a Reddit user named DaBeesSteeze.

They managed to compile most of the core information needed to complete the Community Center (one of several concepts that involve “beating the game”) and a swath of general tenets on nearly every item or upgrade in the game. As mentioned by its creator Wikis are nice (and fairly comprehensive at this point), but you could feasibly print this if you don’t already own the beautifully illustrated retail guide as a more tactile option: it fits perfectly in line with Stardew‘s exploratory retro roots.

While “Year 3” masters probably know all of this stuff from front to back, I urge anyone who is struggling with Stardew (and possibly on the verge of quitting) to leaf through this breezy booklet.

Reference Book [Google Docs via Reddit]

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