Someone made a site where Banjo reads Magic card text to you and it’s amazingly wholesome


Banjo-Kazooie speak is my aesthetic. I mean, the series in general is just my thing: in the same breath you can have a kindhearted bear spout uplifting quotes while his companion bird completely dunks on your hopes and dreams. It’s incredible.

That’s partially why I’m so into this site, created by Haochies, which allows you to input the name of a Magic: The Gathering card and have Banjo read it back to you in gibberish speak. Even if you don’t play you’ll probably get a kick out of it.

Gibberish speak has been implemented by many studios since but it typically doesn’t have the same endearing charm to it. There’s something about the way Chris Sutherland and Grant Kirkhope were able to capture the magic of that series with their voices that can’t be replicated.

Banjo MTG [Github via Reddit]

Chris Carter
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