Someone is translating the Mega Man X novelization, but they need help

The book is pretty recent

Capcom just released the Rockman X novelization in Japan, and if their track record is anything to go by, it’ll take years to see a western release, if at all. One fan by the name of skycompass is trying to change that, and has taken it upon themselves to translate it into English.

Right now only the prologue and the preface are completed, and skycompass is currently asking for help. Who knows how long this thing will take, but odds are it’ll be finished before we actually see this novelization overseas. This project was just only recently released in Japan ahead of Mega Man X‘s 25th anniversary (in 2018), and it’s written by Tsubasa Todoroki, and illustrated by Yoshiro Iwamoto.

Considering that I constantly discussed fan theories with friends over how the X series stands in the overall series canon, I’d easily pick this up.

Mega Man X [Google Docs via Rockman Corner]

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