Someone built a Hades arcade cabinet and it’s glorious

‘One more run’

Hades has taken a lot of the gaming community by storm: including our own Game of the Year awards!

Supergiant Games managed to slowly craft, through a carefully curated early access period, their most arguably successful project yet. So much so, that folks are really taking to the lore and the mechanics in a big way. That laundry list includes Redditor canhazreddit, who crafted their own arcade cabinet.

Its creator notes that the arcade itself is just a “giant wood computer case,” and it runs off of an i5 Nvidia 1060 backbone. The left stick is an Ultrastik 360 (which they call “nice and clicky”), and a keyboard with a trackpad is on the top of the machine. There’s also a subwoofer in there, and the artwork is obtained via high quality PNGs, with prints from Game on Grafix for the vinyl and the marquee at the top.

Being a software developer also helped, canhazreddit says, but they also note that the power supply unit and the subwoofer make the cabinet extremely heavy and a “tipping hazard” (which needs to be tethered to the wall, or reworked with a bigger base). Important things to know if you’re planning on rigging up your own cabinet one day for your game(s) of choice!

Hades arcade build [Reddit]

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