Someone besides Konami wants to turn gamers into gamblers

Clue: It isn’t Bob Barker

“Our company is a Pachinko Slot maker, but we’re also video game developers. We’d like to work hard to make video game fans into Pachinko Slot fans,” said a SNK Playmore rep at a Beast Busters Pachinko slot press conference recently. 

SNK Playmore, was acquired by a Chinese company in the not so distant past, and people have been wondering what will become of their IPs. While it currently looks like SNK are going the Konami route and making Pachinko machines, at least they reminded us they haven’t forgotten their roots.

Apparently the reasoning behind all these video games turning into pachinko slot machines is that “youths in their 20s are losing interest in the market, which has become a big issue, and has led us to believe that it is very important to develop machines that will appeal to this audience.”  

SNKプレイモア 新機種「ビーストバスターズ」発表 [Goraku-Sangyo via Event Hubs]

Jed Whitaker