Someone beat Super Mario World in under a minute with a credits warp glitch


Content creator and speedrunner SethBling managed to break Super Mario World and re-usher in a speedrunning category all at once. Although the previous record for a glitched credit Mario World run was set over a year ago, SethBling managed to cut “20 seconds” off of that time and hit 55.58 seconds.  How does he do it? He has multiple controllers running with multiple buttons pressed (taped) down, and exploits various glitches with red shells with “pixel perfect x coordinates.”

I know some of you, possibly without having even read the entire article, are itching to type out “this isn’t a speedrun, he’s using glitches!” Well, any% runs and glitch runs are their own speedrunning categories. People love to immerse themselves in a given game and find a way to break it, creating their own categories to race each other in. Someone, somewhere, will try to beat SethBling’s record and we’ll probably learn more about how Super Mario World is coded along the way.

That’s pretty awesome.

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