Someone already nabbed the reward for getting all 900 of Zelda’s Korok seeds

Was it worth it?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a huge game. There’s a colossal conflict, a giant open world, a tremendous amount of side activity — it’s impressive in both its scale and scope. There’s one task that stands out as significantly more daunting than the rest, though.

There are 900 Korok seeds to collect in Breath of the Wild. They’re scattered around the land, and are found by completing little environmental puzzles. A few early ones are gathered by diving into the water off a particularly inviting cliff, and by lifting rocks that are sitting ominously all by themselves. It gets more complicated. There are 900, after all.

Getting the Korok seeds is a reward unto itself. They can be exchanged for additional inventory space, a luxury that Breath of the Wild‘s item system makes extremely appealing. But, someone went and found all 900 of the dang things, and that’s probably more inventory slots than even the most dedicated Zelda players need.

As user xFateAwaitsx detailed on reddit (and as reported by Kotaku), there’s a unique reward for finding all Korok seeds. Read no further if you’re sensitive to spoilers. Carry on if you’ve already accepted that there’s no way you’re ever going to set out to nab all 900 of these. Here’s a buffer picture between this paragraph and the spoilers:

Meticulously finding all 900 Korok seeds and talking to Hetsu nets you a final gift, one you may not necessarily want. Here’s a screencap of it:

“It smells pretty bad” and it has that familiar turd coil. Why, it’s shit. Hetsu’s Gift is a pile of shit. It sits in the key items and doesn’t seem to do anything apart from make Hetsu dance. Uhh, it’s the thought that counts, or something.

[BoTW] [SPOILERS] I just collected all 900 Korok Seeds. This is the reward for collecting all of them. (SPOILERS AHEAD) [reddit via Kotaku]

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