Someone added drums to the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Egad theme and it absolutely rules

Now I want this ringtone

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Every so often I get the itch to jump back into Luigi’s Mansion 3. Sure the multiplayer could be better: but the story is such a breezy thing to replay that it’s easy to get sucked in. This video from Coryeavesap makes it very easy to explain why.

Noting that they “got Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Christmas last year,” they held onto the game for all of 2020 to save it for this spooky October month (neat idea!); and have been “vibing super hard” on Egad’s ringtone. I know the feeling! It’s one of my favorite little musical bits of the past year.

Coryeavesap decided to take it to the next level though, putting a drum beat to the ringtone. The result is a very impressive solo that you can listen to below. Since Egad’s theme changes with each iteration, I wouldn’t mind a new take on it similar to this in the fourth game.

I mean, we are getting a fourth Luigi’s Mansion at some point, right? It would be cruel not to! Plus, given the insane (and ever-rising) install base of the Switch, it would behoove Nintendo to pump out a few sequels to some successful games before the next system.

Got Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Christmas last year, but decided to wait for spooky season to play it. No regrets. I’ve been vibing super hard to Egad’s ringtone every time he calls me. Inspired me to add some drums to it. Hope somebody on here digs it! from r/NintendoSwitch

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