Somehow both amazing and useless: eBay auction for lot of Famicom Power Gloves

What’s better than a cool looking but ultimately useless vintage NES peripheral? Why, a large quantity of them, of course. That’s the theory from Ebay user andyarcade, who currently has an auction up for 39 Famicom Power Gloves mint in the boxes. How he has that many mint is anyone’s guess, but I’m going to wager it has something to do with theft, drug use and scrotum poaching.

The current bid is about $83 and it ends on March 22nd. Be warned, in case you do have an hankering to own this nutbag collection and you reside in the US — the shipping is $356 AU, which comes out to about $320 bucks for you. NOT cheap. Then again, if you’re the kind of guy that is frantically searching for a mass quantity of Famicom Power Gloves, somehow I would think money is no object.

[Via GoNintendo –Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett