‘Somebody’ acquires domain for Final Fantasy XIII-2

It seems that, more and more, Square Enix is abandoning the idea of standalone Final Fantasy games and looking to make sequels and spin-offs of everything. If the latest domain acquisition yields fruit, then Final Fantasy XIII is the next title to fall prey to Squenix’s inability to leave things alone. 

Finalfantasy13-2Game.com was recently registered by “Corporation Service Company”, which also owns domains for other Squenix games like Nier and Final Fantasy XIII. Seems pretty self explanatory. 

Square Enix has discussed the possibility of a sequel in the past. While this could just be a case of the publisher protecting future interests, it could also hint that the possibility is likely to become a reality. Either way, our inbox has been full of people excited about this, so here ya go!

Domain For Final Fantasy XIII-2 Registered [Siliconera]

James Stephanie Sterling