Some Street Fighter IV alt art for you to stare at

The Japanese Street Fighter IV blog shared some concept art for the alt costumes on Blanka, Dan, Balrog and Seth. Typically, when you think of costumes in fighting games, you just think the designer wanted to go nuts on his creations. In the case of Street Fighter IV though, all of the costumes were made with the thought that these characters would actually wear the outfits in their life.

I guess the makes sense, except for Cammy. As s-kill points out on Capcom-Unity, Cammy has her cold weather operation suit that keeps her top warm in the cold, but she’s still pantless so her legs must get freezing cold! Of course, I can totally keep Cammy’s waist area all nice and warm, if you know what I mean.

Penis. I’m talking about my penis. I’ll keep her warm with my penis.

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