Some scar forensics strengthen the case that Vaas is in Far Cry 6

Vaas difference?

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Ubisoft finally gave up this morning and admitted that Giancarlo Esposito stars in Far Cry 6 as villain Anton Castillo. After rumors and leaks and leaky rumors, it was enough for Ubisoft to throw its hands up in exasperation mere days before the official reveal on July 12. An unnoticed detail is that Esposito’s Better Call Saul co-star might appear alongside him.

The Far Cry 6 promotional art shows Castillo with a boy named Diego, and that child might eventually grow up to be Far Cry 3‘s Vaas. IGN’s Joe Skrebel’s did some important scar forensics work and uncovered a startling similarity:

Vaas didn’t have that scar in Far Cry 3, but voice actor Michael Mando had it shaved into his eyebrow for live action appearances. (Also, his hair part has really shifted over the years!)

A few pieces need to fall in place for this correlation to make sense. Far Cry 6 needs to occur before Far Cry 3. Diego needs to flee to the Pacific islands and reinvent himself as Vaas. Neither of those feel like super big stretches.

Strengthening the case, Mando teased a Vaas role reprisal in a recent AMA on reddit. And, wrapping Esposito and Mando together in a video game on the heels of their performances in one of TVs most popular shows — well, that seems like a marketing beat that Ubisoft could sell Far Cry 6 on.

We’ll possibly find out this Sunday during the Ubisoft Forward event. Me? I’m all-in on this theory. The stars align because the scars align.

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