Some old Hollywood producer men excited to win over teens with Space Invaders movie

Possibly still coked up from the 80’s

Yes, Warner Bros. acquired the rights to Space Invaders and has a trio of names to produce a film based on it. This, despite the fact that some bad Adam Sandler-Kevin James joint called Pixels is meant to come out next year and with clear Space Invaders inspirations. 

Let us remember, though, three years ago when a Spance Invaders film was allegedly going to happen courtesy of the Transformers and GI Joe producer. It did not, obviously. 

Anyway, I assume some old Hollywoodmen were thinking back to their first heart attack as they sat in a hospital bed watching Runaway with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons (KISS) and thought, “Hmmm, maybe we should make a movie from video-games.”

Akiva Goldsman to Produce ‘Space Invaders’ for Warner Bros. (Exclusive) [The Wrap]

Steven Hansen